Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Why men lie to women

Men lie to women because they are from different planets. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. They think differently. In every relationship honesty is important. There should be enough space for both parties engaged in a relation. We should not lie to our partner, but when a man says “darling you look pretty” just to make her happy, we just can’t blame him. Everyone likes to get appreciation in personal as well as in professional life. Men do this often and they just want to see their partner happy but women sometimes forget to fill the gap. She needs to understand the value of complementing her partner whenever it’s required. Always the situation makes the people lie. To get excuse from work men lie to their lady managers. And men lie to avoid the firing from their partner who is eagerly waiting for their man to come home on time. This all depends on the transparency of their relationship and how effectively and openly they can communicate with each other. If the man is sure that his partner will understand him, then he’ll never lie. If she understands her partner’s priorities and if she can cope with those things then their will be no problem between them. Men and women communicate differently. When she says there is no problem, then there will be a big problem. They want their partner to ask twice or thrice, and then only they will open up their mind. But men gets irritated soon when they ask the same question again and again. If a man is silent, women keep on asking ‘what’s the problem?’ men don’t like this and they tend to lie according to the situation and gets angry. The point here is the dissatisfaction they feel with their partner. If she gives some space for him, he’ll be alright within half an hour. Men feel like his partner is not satisfied with him and his professional status. This make them lie in most of the situations. If there is much love and trust in the relation, the condition will not get worse and there won’t be any problems that cannot be solved. So both partners need to understand each other very well and should try to keep up the value of the relationship.

Saturday, September 30, 2006


The First Post : Bill and Belinda’s excellent adventure

I know its not gossip community, but still, if she starts running Canada then Bill would be the most influential G8 leader:
Clinton may not care too much. An acquaintance of Belinda's says: "Bill was always more interested in her money than her breasts." Still, you can't help but wonder if his ultimate fantasy revolved around Hillary in the White House and Belinda running Canada: Which G8 leader should I visit this weekend?

She is damn hot btw.

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